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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in North Scottsdale

Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale provides the latest in implant technology.  Whether you need a single tooth replacement or any implant supported dental work, Dr. Michael Kelly offers proactive options both for your comfort and to improve upon the dental implant procedure itself. With replacement options supported by the All-on-4® system, guided implant surgery, and treatment with soft tissue lasers, our practice works to help patients in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Carefree, and areas throughout our region regain the benefits of a complete smile.

State-of-the-Art Dental TechnologyImplant Restorations in Scottsdale

All-On-4® is a system designed to deliver resilient implant supported dentures and bridges with efficiency. Through guided implant surgery and 3D imaging with our cone beam CT scanner, Dr. Kelly is better able to ensure the precise fabrication and placement of your implants.

Guided implant surgery and accurate imaging allows our dentist to determine the location best suited to support implants before the placement procedure and share this information with his patients. Compared with traditional methods of placement, this approach is used to promote exact placement and jaw bone density in order to produce reliable results from treatment.

Implant Supported Dentures and Bridges with All-on-4®

Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale offers implant supported dentures and bridges, which can usually be done in much less time than traditional full arch implants. We use All-on-4® because, in our opinion, it gives the best results with few complications for hybrid dentures. Replacing a full arch to rows of teeth, dental implant restorations and prosthesis restore functional utility and aesthetic appeal to the smile.

Dental Implants in ScottsdaleDental Implants – What to Expect

During the first visit the implant post will be inserted and then given time to heal.  Dr. Kelly will follow up with you periodically to check the healing progress. When the fixture is stable, restorations are fabricated based upon digital impressions and securely attached to the abutment. Dr. Kelly will work with you to select the right color for your restoration to make sure it blends naturally into your smile.

Our dentist uses soft tissue lasers to promote gum health and tissue regeneration in preparation for implant placement, as well as assist in the removal of an old implant when needed.

Your dental implant and restoration is created with your aesthetic needs and oral health in mind. The experience Dr. Kelly possesses and the compassion he feels for his patients shows through his clear explanation of your procedure. He takes time to understand your concerns, walk you through the process, and create custom restorations that have a natural appeal. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale, we put the utmost importance in providing for your comfort and encouraging your confidence in the service you receive from our practice.

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Dr. Michael Kelly and his supportive staff provide dental implant placement and restorations for patients throughout the Valley, from Scottsdale to nearby communities of Cave Creek, Carefree, and Union Hills. Call our practice today for more information! 

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