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Dental Veneers in Scottsdale

Achieving a beautiful smile doesn’t always require extensive alteration of your natural dental condition. Through the option of veneers, Dr. Michael Kelly can enhance the appeal and brilliance of your smile without greatly affecting the structure of otherwise healthy teeth. Backed by the extensive experience of our dentist and his staff, Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale offers these cosmetic solutions for patients in communities across the Valley.

Why Receive Porcelain Veneers?Veneers in Scottsdale

Throughout your life, your smile is exposed to elements that detract from its overall appearance. From your morning coffee to an after-dinner glass of wine, stains from the foods and drinks you enjoy can accumulate on the surface of your teeth. Keeping poor hygiene and habits such as smoking also contribute to deep-set staining. In addition, factors such as age, exposure to tetracycline, and excessive amounts of fluoride lead to discoloration. Beyond their color, irregularly shaped, noticeably worn, and chipped teeth, as well as pronounced spaces between them, can be obstacles to your ideal smile.

Fortunately, with porcelain veneers, our Scottsdale dentist has a way to help you overcome these cosmetic issues. With only a minimal amount of preparation, veneers are securely fixed to the front of your teeth, covering affected areas. Made of thin sheets of porcelain, veneers draw upon the ability of this durable ceramic
material to match the natural opacity and appeal of genuine teeth to provide a restored appearance. Designed as a long-lasting solution, Dr. Kelly collaborates with laboratories known for their quality work to provide you with veneers uniquely suited to your dental situation.

Our patients can be assured that the veneers they receive from Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale are placed by a highly trained professional. In addition to performing over 18,000 veneer placements, Dr. Kelly has spent time teaching his peers the appropriate techniques to improve their patients’ smiles through this option.

Convenient Solutions for Minor Issues

In situations where the aesthetic impact is less extensive, Dr. Kelly can recommend alternatives to porcelain veneers that do not require the teeth to be prepared. As a result, these treatment options offer patients noticeable improvement of minor appearance issues.

DURAthin® veneers –  Designed in the US by master porcelain engineers, these ultra-thin veneers are custom-fit to comfortably and effectively improve a diminished appearance due to minor dental imperfections. As a prepless option, DURAthin® veneers promote a genuine aesthetic while conserving the natural structure of your smile.

Direct bonding – With bonding, Dr. Kelly utilizes composite resin to address defects such as minor cracks and chips. This process is additive in nature, with our dentist applying this tooth-colored material directly to affected areas, resulting in a resilient and conservative restoration method.

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If you are hiding your smile due to cosmetic imperfections, Dr. Kelly and the team of his Scottsdale practice want to help. For more information on how we’ve assisted thousands of patients, from North Scottsdale and Carefree to Union Hills and beyond, contact our office today!