Why Choose Porcelain Veneers

May 12 • 2 minute read

Every patient has unique smile goals. While some can be
easily accomplished with minimal treatment, others may require more advanced
care. For patients looking to improve the uniformity of their dentition quickly
and permanently, porcelain veneers may be the best solution to achieving a
beautiful smile. If you are considering this cosmetic dental treatment option,
consider the following.

Comprehensive Treatment

Veneers are not one-size-fits-all. Different patients need
different types in order to achieve their ideal smile. At Aesthetic Dentistry
of Scottsdale, our comprehensive cosmetic consultation allows Dr. Michael Kelly
to take an in-depth look at your smile in sections and as a whole. With this
in-depth evaluation, our Scottsdale cosmetic dentist is able to determine which
type of veneer best suits your unique smile and will yield lasting results.

Personalized Cosmetics

Convenient, prep-less veneers and in-office made veneers are
limited in how customized they can be. These veneers may provide the right
shape, but the color and overall aesthetics can make the treatment look out of
place with the rest of the smile. As veneers are permanent, this leaves
patients with the problem of having to seek additional cosmetic care to match
the rest of the smile to the veneers.

In contrast, porcelain veneers at our Scottsdale cosmetic
dental practice are manufactured in a trusted lab. As a result, trained
technicians design the veneer to precisely match neighboring teeth, creating
ideal uniformity in symmetry and shade with the rest of the smile.

Conservative Cosmetic Treatment

Ideally, cosmetic dental treatments should enhance the
overall health of the dentition. Some cosmetic dental improvements may not be
right for a patients mouth, and it’s important to understand that Porcelain
veneers may not be right for you, but that’s up to the dentist to decide. For
patients looking for a conservative yet lasting method for achieving ta
beautiful, uniform smile, porcelain veneers are the ideal option. While a small
portion of the tooth does need to be removed to ensure the veneers look and
feel smooth, this process is much less invasive than other cosmetic
alternatives such as crowns. Overall, veneers provide a great balance between
conservative care and lasting aesthetics.

Versatile Care

Choosing the right cosmetic treatment for your smile can be
challenging. Ultimately, patients want their investment in the aesthetics of
their smile to last. However, some cosmetic dental solutions may not be right
for your personal dentition and may not sufficiently address your dental
problems. It’s your job to work with the dentist to find the right solution to
improve your dental health. Porcelain veneers can be used to cover a number of
aesthetic dental flaws, ranging from deep inner-tooth staining to chipped or
cracked teeth. As the veneers are made of highly durable porcelain, this
treatment option is designed to provide a long-term cosmetic improvement to the

Learn More Today

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale, we believe that all
patients deserve the opportunity to improve the look of their smile. With
personalized porcelain veneers, our cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale is able to
help individuals achieve their ideal smile. For more information about the
advantages of veneers or to schedule your cosmetic consultation, contact our
team today.

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